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16 September 2006 @ 11:48 am
last night at work, a person came to my counter top to check out. i said "ma'am, i can help you over here on this side!" the person grabbed their things and looked up at me. "um, i mean SIR." i get another funny look, so i say "i mean, uh...."

the person comes around to the side i can check them out on, and i am blushing profusely and mutter "i just came back from a giant lunch, so i'm quite sleepy and blind." the person didn't say anything, so i kept ringing them up. i looked at them during the transaction... waitaminute. i think it IS a woman. but they carry themselves so masculinely. but they have nicely shaped breasts! but they're quite hairy.

i finish ringing them up and the person asks in a gravelly high pitched voice "how much?" okay, that's still not revealing. i take their money and wish them a nice evening, which is when i discovered that they spoke zero english other than 'how much'! i win!

at least, that's what i keep telling myself (that they didn't speak english and thusly couldn't have been offended by my slip.)
Ambermorrigan_loa on September 18th, 2006 03:32 am (UTC)
haha oh my, my husband actually asked a coworker one day when she was due and she yelled at him "I'm not pregnant I'm just fat, Mike!"

this is morriganmystic by the way, I had to make a new lj for the time being because my hard drive died and I can't remember my password.

hopefully I'll remember the pw to morriganmystic soon =/