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This wasn't so much as an embarrassing event for me, but more so for someone I was dating.

I was dating this guy who was okay. I wasn't sure if I was really into him or not, but he wasn't bad to hang out with. Well, one night we were making out and it just donned on me that I wasn't really even turned on. So that was it. I made my mind up right then and there, that I just didn't want to date this person.

So I cut things short and was picking up my stuff to go home, when I looked over and saw the most goopy nastiest booger falling out of the guys nose. That really clinched it for me. Not only was I not turned on, but you got a boogie. Now I'm not a shallow person. If I had really been into him, I would have just say "hey man, wipe your nose." But because I wasn't really that into him, it just kinda made matters worse.

I just ignored it and pretended to be distracted with my purse (giving him a chance to get rid of it). When I looked up at him, it was gone. So he found it. I didn't want to think too hard about where he wiped it before I looked up!

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