rock_starlette (rock_starlette) wrote in embarassingeek,

I am SUCH a geek!

I think this is my first post here, but I can't guarantee it. Anyway, moving on... :)

I work in a daycare center. We have to go to the kitchen to pick up our meal cart when it's time for meals. Yesterday morning, I went and got the breakfast cart and was walking down the hall to go back to my room. One of the Dads from a classroom down the hall was also walking down the hall at the same time after dropping his son off. I should add that I think this Dad is particularly cute and really awesome.

When I went to turn into my classroom, he walked by me and unexpectedly said hi to me. So I turned and looked over my shoulder while still walking to say hi back... and walked right into the door frame. Sadly, the ground didn't swallow me up... but he did have the decency to wait until he got outside to start laughing. ;)

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