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A bunch of people in my office are sick. One of the sickest, my buddy K (a 50-something woman) was feeling down so I stopped by her cubicle and was goofing around trying to cheer her up.

As part of this I picked up 3 oranges from the bowl she had at her desk and was juggling them and telling a stupid joke. Anyway, I hear a man's voice behind me say "Interesting, can you juggle four?" - I turn and see our visiting uber-manager (I don't know his real title - I don't ever talk to people of his lofty level) and I honestly don't know what stupid thing happened, but I mis-threw one orange and it flew WAY left of my left hand. Like WAY left.

And it dropped RIGHT on his head - like the middle. Perfectly in the center - crappy sitcom style.

It was a bloody big orange.

Anyway, yeah, I'm saying I'm sorry, K is turning red from trying not to laugh - uberManager is holding a hand on top of his head (he was pretty cool about it), OMGEVERYBODY in the office starts gathering around us ('cos they don't have ANYTHING else to do, do they?)

Does that count as embarassing enough?

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