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And they all saw red.

When I was about 13 or 14 I had gone to spend a few days at a friends house, on Sunday we went to church before going to lunch after which they would drop me off at home. I didn't bring any "church" clothes and my friend was too short for me to borrow anything of hers and not look like a total dork so I borrowed some of her mom's clothes, which weren't really my style but it wasn't horrible and I was trying my best to be grateful because hey it's only a couple hours and I get a free meal out of it. So off I fo in the white silk blouse with fine black pinstripes and frou-frou new tie bow thing topped off with mint green slacks.

The fine dining establishment we would attend after church was the Black Angus, your average run of the mill mass produced Ponderosa/Sizzler type eatery with the buffet and dessert bar.

We ordered, ate, and after we ate we got to hit he dessert do it yourself ice cream bar that I had been having fantasies over since we'd arrived because my parents had never taken me to place like this because we owned a restaurant (which incidently was where my friend's mom worked as a waitress and how we met) and we are/were food snobs. I leave our table, walk all the way to the other side of this restaurant, retrieve the glorious pride of my ice cream self made perfection and sit down.

We pay and leave. On the way out there were some whispers but nothing I could discern so I moved on.

We pulled up to my house in their boat of a station wagon with vinyl seats and I said to my friend's mom "I can go in and change real quick then run your clothes back out to you." She told me that was ok and I could keep them, "but I thought these were your good clothes and you said to be careful" "no, it's ok really." So I grab my stuff and get out of the car.

I notice when I got into my house and turned around to shut the door they were looking all over the seats for something so I just figured somone lost an earrinr or one of the younger siblings lost a toy, shrugged and went up to my room after a greeting and how was your weekend exchange between my parents.

I really hated the clothes I was wearing and couldn't wait to get out of them. So off comes the white shirt with narrowly psaced balcke pinstripes, then off comes the mint green slacks with the bright red crotch. I had gotten my period while we were out, walked back and forth in the restaurant severasl times (being seated, eating, ice cream bar, and leaving which was near the ice cream bar) and none of them said one word! My whole crotch and butt were red and none of them said anything! The thing they were looking for on tehir vinyl seats was my blood!

I don't think I have ever been so mortified and angry at the same time, in my whole life.

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